Hello! I’m a burgeoning children’s book illustrator and writer. I live in north London with my husband and our lovely cat.
My writing and artwork used to be something I did for myself, or for friends and family, and turning it into a job seemed like an impossible fantasy. I dipped my toe in the water now and again, by going to evening classes and learning how to craft and put together a children’s book, but never felt brave enough to fully pursue this ambition. One of my very supportive tutors commented one day that my illustrations could have appeal beyond picture books, and that I should consider branching out. I thought this could provide an outlet and help to keep me focussed while I honed my artistic skills, but always intended for this to be a small side-line, as I had no intention of quitting my day job!
A year later and my business is merrily pootling along, and although still a part-time endeavour, it is frequently taking more and more of my time, physically and mentally. I’ve found managing this small business to be exhilerating, frustrating, inspiring and hugely confidence building. I’ve kept working on my stories and feel that I’m learning and improving all the time. I’m working on two stories at the moment that are close to being finished, but I have a lot more in my head and in my sketchbook. Take a look at my growing Picture Book section to see how I’m coming along.
I sell at increasingly more markets, particularly in the late spring, summer and winter, so keep an eye on my Events page; I might turn up in your neck of the woods one of these days! In the meantime, have a browse of my artwork on Etsy and Not on the High Street, or say hello on Instagram.


instagram/twitter: @victojeiro

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