Recent commissions all done and now I’ve gone loopy over my new business cards and stickers. For the next batch I think I might sneak on a few more images lest I should pigeon-hole myself as that one what paints fish. Still, did I mention, STICKERS?


Market fever

Ok, I admit I have a problem.. I couldn’t resist applying for the East End Print Fair run by East London Prints. I’m still feeling really buzzed and inspired by my recent Spitalfields market adventure so have been busy painting lots of new things. I think one of the things that made me so happy at Spitalfields is that humans I encountered seemed to love my fishy images just as much as I do. Here’s a sneak preview of some soon to be prints.


Here’s the event website:

Bring on the 21st May!


It’s been two weeks since the market and I’ve finally yanked my head out of the clouds and back into real life. However, my resolve to keep giving all this arting malarkey a go has only strengthened and I’m enjoying it more than ever.

I’ve been working on some commissions that came about after meeting some people at Spitalfields. These lovely whales are another version of my original, and these bugs are a bit of a departure but have made me think I need to make moths a bit of a theme.

Coming up in the future: more commissions, an alphabet series, that darned children’s book, more fishy things and definitely more art markets. Have fully caught the bug. Bug. MOTHS. Right? Yeah.

Art Market: done

So my first ever art market is all over and I loved every minute. I met some fantastic people, some fellow artists and others just lovely humans who told me they liked my paintings which has boosted my confidence no end!

Some lessons learned for next time, include:

  1. Wear socks
  2. Smile… But not scarily
  3. Bring more frames
  4. Don’t panic!

This is latter was particularly important as on the first day I was so surprised someone actually wanted to buy something that I very nearly fluffed it completely.

So, watch this space more more art market involvement and food/animal based art updates. I’m going to put my feet up and have a very well deserved glass of wine.


ThunderCats are go!

It’s a good thing my primary school teacher organisation got the better of me for this event – this weekend’s art market has been bought forward, meaning it starts tomorrow! Eep!

Having spent the morning panicking and making sure I’ve got everything as ready as I possibly can (touch wood…) I’m now feeling super excited. Here goes nothing…


(Here are some more hand-painted cards on sale tomorrow – I’ve had a lot of fun making these!)

Keeping calm

After a frenzy of Amazon purchases this weekend (inspired by a trip to spitalfields art market) I think I might be sort of prepared, ish. ┬áI’ve put a few new prints on etsy, shouted at my camera for not being better, but all in all I’m feeling rather proud and excited with what I’ve managed to put together (beyond what I ever thought my drawing and organisational skills made me capable of). Let’s just see if any of this effort will bear fruit this weekend. If not there are always brownies and tea.

I’ve been having some fun with a few quick designs that I’m planning on painting directly onto cards for sale at the market, with the possibility of a few customisable ones… Here’s one I doodled earlier.image