Stationery addict

If you follow me on social media you may have noticed a LOT of posts about the notebooks mentioned in my last blog. Well, the blessed day has arrived and I can honestly say I’m in LOVE with these! A Local Printer have done a sterling job and they’re brilliant value too – what’s NOT to love?! Sadly they didn’t arrive in time for my product photoshoot last Saturday (more on that in my next blog) but I’ve had a play with taking some photos myself. I think they need some work, styling-wise, maybe some bright washi tape? Thoughts welcome 🙂



I’ve heard fab things about from people I follow on Instagram and from the lovely folk over on the London Local Etsy team. I’ve had a hankering to try out some notebook designs and after wrestling with photoshop to create some patterns I’m pretty pleased with the results! On screen anyway, my samples should be arriving soon (though only if the whales and egg and bacon; I wasn’t patient enough to finish the fruit pattern before requesting samples..). I’ll update you once they’ve arrived and I’m hoping beyond hope that I might have the real deal ready for sale at my next market at Lauderdale Hour in Highgate (courtesy of Duck Pond Markets). Aren’t they pretty!?