If you’ve seen my current business cards you may get the idea that I’m not great at decision making seeing as I couldn’t settle on one image for these, and you’d be absolutely right. A while ago I took the plunge and designed what I felt was a suitably sophisticated whale logo that I started splashing all over everything – but not my business cards. I couldn’t bear to change them when I, obviously, love them but other people seem to too. 

After my off the cuff back board design at the Illustrator’s Summer Fair, I’ve been niggled by thoughts that my whale logo isn’t right, and that I should have gone with my first instinct; you guessed it.. SHRIMP. They’re fun, funny, cute and colourful. They’re silly and light-hearted and they make people laugh. That’s what most of my work’s about, and I think what I am about too, on a good day at least. I want a logo that’s recognisable across all the platforms I use to promote my business, and that includes my business cards.

I’m giving myself a week or so to mull it over as I can’t keep changing logos every three months, but I have a feeling this one will stick.. I’m trying it out on the blog, on Instagram, like trying on a new outfit to see how it fits. I’ve got to admit, so far, I think it suits me.

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