Instagram Giveaway

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Twitter you will know that since the Spring I’ve been taking part in The 100 Day Project. This is a huge online project where whoever is involved creates their own hashtag and commits to posting a related photo for 100 consecutive days. I chose “#100daysofanimalillustration” (original, I know…) and have been posting a different animal illustration every day. I’ll admit I’ve not been great at posting on consecutive days – there have been times when real life got in the way – but I’m determined to see the project through and I’ve only got 17 more illustrations to go until I hit 100.

To make things a bit more interesting, every time I’ve completed 10 illustrations I’ve run a giveaway on my Instagram page, to give people a chance to win one of my artworks. Usually I offer to give away whichever I’ve painted the most recently, but this time I’ve decided to offer up my 10 most recently liked illustrations.

I’ve got just two more giveaways until the 100 Day Project is over. If you’re interested in winning an original watercolour illustration by yours truly, pop over to my Instagram ( for more details. Good luck!




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