Just a card can make all the difference

This post is all about the amazing http://www.justacard.org campaign. This organisation is all about creating awareness around independen artists and makers, and showing the public how even a small, seemingly insignificant purchase such as a greetings card can make all the difference to us small businesses.

I love doing markets and face to face events as I think it’s important for people to see the person behind the artwork or craft, and to realise it’s not all mass produced in a factory somewhere. However, people often don’t realise how many costs small businesses incur by taking part in these events, or even in making the products we so lovingly create. 

The Just A Card blog tells the stories of all sorts of makers and highlights the unique dilemmas and successes of the members of  this creative community. If you have a few minutes today I urge you to have a little read, and spread the word!

Ooh another blog!

I was lucky enough to be featured on the Starlig Bank’s monthly blog feature ‘The Side Hustle’.

The blog chats to and showcases the hard work and amazing talent of all the grafters and hustlers who are following their dreams part-time, while their full time job pays the rent. I’m sure I can’t speak for all the part-time craft/creative community, but I’m definately hoping my efforts pay off enough that one day my ‘side hustle’ earns me enough to live off, even if this means a significant pay cut!

Have a read below 🙂