Trying to suppress festive urges

Hi, my name’s Victoria and I love, I mean really LOVE, Christmas. So it will come as no surprise that I’ve been getting ready for the festive season sometime since July. Although this is not uncommon among makers and craft types (you’ve got to plan ahead, therefore are always thinking 3 months ahead) I love planning for Christmas.

I’ve added new Christmas card designs on Etsy and Not on the High Street (links below) and have just updated my events list to include some I’ve just been accepted at.

screen shot 2017-07-23 at 18.12.43
Party Prawns Christmas card now available to buy online!

I must confess to feeling a bit nervous about having taken on so many events this year, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, and I’ve found I’ve quite enough Christmas cheer (and Christmas jumpers…) to see me through November and December, much to the chagrin of my stall mates, I’m sure. Come and say hi, it will do me good to see some friendly faces!

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