Help me help the fish


It’s no secret that I’m pretty keen on all things ocean-related, meaning that I, like millions of others, have been horrified by findings exposing the truth behind our plastic addiction and the devastating impact this has had on the world’s oceans. I want to do something to help, not just in my personal life, but through my business too.

I started the year with an aim to eradicate the use of plastic in my packaging and products, and so far it’s not going too badly, but I want to do more. By reading about the issue of single-use plastics and the sea I found out about the Marine Conservation Society and the work they are doing to help educate people and preserve our shores and sea life. The work they do is so important and I want to support it; that’s why I will be donating 10% of the profits of the sale of the prints pictured, both online and at craft markets.

If you’ve got any of these on your favourites list, rest assured that your purchase won’t just make me really happy, but will also help a fantastic charity with their work to keep our seas and sea-life happy and healthy.

If you want to read more about the Marine Conservation Society have a look at their website:

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