That’s it for 2018!

This year has been strange and bittersweet. I feel really proud of my business achievements, not least my 100 Days print which has already got me making plans for next years 100 days project on instagram. This print is of special significance to me as when I was half way through the project my father very unexpectedly and suddenly passed away. I’m not sure that my little family have quite yet processed or accepted the loss. He was from a small coastal village in Galicia, and our mutual love of the sea and all its creatures (some, I admit, purely from a culinary standpoint) means that I think about him every time I look at this print. I’m proud that I kept going with the project, it gave me something to think about and do when all I felt was numb. Dad was an absolute grafter, something else I like to think we had in common, so I know he’d had have wanted me to keep pushing forward, although he never pushed anyone as hard as he did himself. Although proud of any work I did he was also worried that I was doing too much – this from the man who at one time ran 3 businesses and worked 15 hour days. I also had the rather lovely thing happen of becoming a mum just three months ago. So like I said, confusingly bittersweet.

2019 has felt very far away at times, but it is hurtling towards me at lightening speed. I’m going to be pretty busy looking after my little one, but I will try and sneak in some painting here and there. I’m also hopeful that by the summer I’ll be back on the market circuit, and have got a few tiny seeds of ideas for some other, quite different, art related shenanigans later in the year.

Thank you to everyone who has come to see me at a market, who’s bought a card or even just followed me on Instagram. This year more than any other it has meant a lot. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and I’ll see you all in 2019 xxx

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