Hello! I’m a burgeoning children’s book illustrator and artist. I live in north London with my husband and our lovely cat.
Ever since I was little I wanted to write and illustrate my own stories. A loss of confidence in my teens meant that I abandoned this dream while growing up, until turning 30 and realising that if I never did anything about it I would always regret it.
Last year some lovely friends and acquaintances suggested I should try selling my illustrations online, so I set up my Etsy shop and then tried my hand at a few local markets. I find this is a great way to keep my skills progressing and ideas fresh. I’ve learnt a lot of new skills and haven’t run out of card or print ideas yet – which is funny as this was just meant to be a tiny side line, but is now what I spend most of my free time doing! In Summer 2017 I was accepted as a Not on the High Street partner, and my storefront has got off to a great start. I’m still working on the books, but I’ve discovered I really enjoy putting myself out there, whether online or face to face.
So that’s me! Keep an eye on my Events page; I might be selling at a market near you! In the meantime, have a browse of my artwork on Etsy and Not on the High Street, or say hello on Instagram.
instagram/twitter: @victojeiro

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