Bigger and better – I hope

I’m OUTRAGEOUSLY proud to announce that I was recently accepted to sell on The beautiful product photography you may have spied on my Instagram recently (taken by the lovely Diana Stainton – look her up) was all for this new venture, as NOTH have very strict rules about their photography standards – and rightly so. It’s made me really up my game, and I can only hope this renewed sense of badassery translates into more sales and more opportunities – here’s hoping!

Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of my shop front on NOTH (I’m still working on it behind the scenes, but hopefully not for long!) and if you can’t wait that long then come along to the House of Illustration’s Illustrators’ Fair this Sunday in Granery Square ( – it’s going to be a doozy.


Stationery addict

If you follow me on social media you may have noticed a LOT of posts about the notebooks mentioned in my last blog. Well, the blessed day has arrived and I can honestly say I’m in LOVE with these! A Local Printer have done a sterling job and they’re brilliant value too – what’s NOT to love?! Sadly they didn’t arrive in time for my product photoshoot last Saturday (more on that in my next blog) but I’ve had a play with taking some photos myself. I think they need some work, styling-wise, maybe some bright washi tape? Thoughts welcome 🙂



I’ve heard fab things about from people I follow on Instagram and from the lovely folk over on the London Local Etsy team. I’ve had a hankering to try out some notebook designs and after wrestling with photoshop to create some patterns I’m pretty pleased with the results! On screen anyway, my samples should be arriving soon (though only if the whales and egg and bacon; I wasn’t patient enough to finish the fruit pattern before requesting samples..). I’ll update you once they’ve arrived and I’m hoping beyond hope that I might have the real deal ready for sale at my next market at Lauderdale Hour in Highgate (courtesy of Duck Pond Markets). Aren’t they pretty!?

The 100 day project

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I’ve been taking part in the 100 day project. I’ve committed to creating 100 animal illustrations, and though I’ve missed the odd day, I’m doing my best to stay on target!

Every 10 illustrations I’ve been running a competition to give away one of the illustrations. This is my first foray into giveaways, and to be honest I wasn’t sure my modest following would be interested, or would be actively annoyed by posts that appeared a bit spammy and self-promotional. So it’s made me step out of my comfort zone and put myself out there in a very different way than before.

Inspired by some other makers, I’ve also added the most popular of the illustrations to my etsy listings, just in case someone who didn’t win had their heart set on a sock wearing spider.

I’m currently offering to give away one of these beauties, from days 31-40. Go to my Instagram page for more details!


Spring clean – part 2

My stickers arrived while I was in gorgeous Zaragoza for a work trip (it’s lovely, visit!) and I got to use them for the first time posting my latest giveaway order. I’m pleased with the results though I think the colour balance might need a review.


I’m also planning on doing a mass polka-dot session on my kraft paper stash, because you can never have too many polka dots, and then I think my packaging revamp will be all done. Very satisfying.



Spring Clean Part 1

Yesterday’s Myddleton Road Market was utterly gorgeous. All of the lovely locals were out in full force, and I met some very talented and clever fellow artist/makers.

Enjoying a cheeky half courtesy of Bohem Brewery and basking in the long awaited sunshine, I was hit with some inspiration; I’m going to FINALLY spring clean my stock, and spruce up my branding and packaging which I’m at it.

I love my multi-image business cards, but have long hankered after a logo, something punchy and bright and simple. I’ve been working on some in quieter moments but none of them were setting my world on fire, then when my Ink & Word paintings got such a warm reception at the market I had a proper lightbulb moment. The result were these:


I know I’m biased; but I LOVE this design. I feel like it really encompasses what I’m all about. Whales: check; ridiculous colours: check; ink: check check check.

These were made with painting scraps and a nifty white gel pen. But when I get home I’m feeling inspired to create a digital version and send off the design to the lovely people at Moo who can turn these into some spiffy stickers.

I’ll wait until those arrive to unveil my full revamp, as this blog post is beginning to ramble. Don’t forget I’ve got a couple of markets this summer, do come and say hi, it is so satisfying meeting internet people in real life!

11th June Duck Pond Market, Lauderdale House, Highgate

2nd July Myddleton Road Market Summer Festival

Spring time=market time

It has been a busy first quarter this year as they day job has taken hold, not to mention a renewed sense of urgency to keep chipping away at my picture book drafts. There’s been a lot of time spent on photoshop, which still boggles my mind, as I never thought I’d have a use for it. More fool me.

Anyway, I’ve booked myself into a few markets this spring and summer, I hope you’ll come and say hello!

Market dates and new card designs below 🙂

7th May, Myddleton Road Market N22

11th June, Highgate Duck Pond Market at Lauderdale House

2nd July, Myddleton Road Market N22 (this is the BIG one)


So new, so shiny.

Experiments in ink


I’ve been having a lot of fun with ink recently, and have been trying to make inky, cloudy textures for collage. However, I became so enamoured of some of my ink blobs that I’ve been experimenting with adding lettering over the top. These have gone down very well at recent markets and I’ll soon be turning my favourites into prints. This foray into the more graphic arts has meant I can create some slightly more grown up work, although the downside is that I want to keep many of them for myself. Here is one of my faves, a bit tongue in cheek and literary to boot.


2017; change (and not the small kind)

Little Spaced reference for you all there.

Happy 2017 everyone! Local and global politics aside I’m looking forward to more markets, more prawns and generally more arting.

I’m taking a break from the market circuit until March or so but watch this space for spring dates.

In the meantime you can see some of my work hanging in the lovely Step, on Myddleton Road, N22 – you might as well enjoy one of their fab brunches while you’re there… photos of my work in situ still to come.

I’ve also got some new cards in the pipeline, just in time for Valentine’s Day and other, more exciting, celebrations. Here’s a little preview: