Surface Pattern Design

I am quite new to surface pattern design but I am completely hooked. I’ve been busy learning as much as I can and having fun with my illustrations; watching them turn into repeating patterns. My dream is to work with kid’s clothes designers and makers to create colourful, gender neutral, FUN kids clothes, but I think some of my patterns would also work well as cushion covers, lampshades and curtains.

I will be making some of my designs available on Woven Monkey in the very near future so watch this space!

Polka Dogs – this was my first attempt at surface pattern design and although I plan on tweaking it a bit overall I love the colours and the style. It is SUCH a fun print I think it has mass appeal to adults and kids. This would look awesome on dungarees, dresses, tote bags, but also curtains, and notebooks, aw hell, just put it on EVERYTHING.
Into the Woods – this is my most recent pattern inspired by my love of British woodland wildlife. Similar to my Bear in the Woods pattern, I’ve chosen some gorgeous earthy colours, but there’s a few pops of orange and lilac which make this a fun pattern that I think would look great on just about anything!
Flying Tigers – this pattern is bonkers and I LOVE it. The orange pops out and there’s so much movement. I can see this on kids leggings, dresses and t shirts.
Bear in the Woods – one of my first digitally illustrated patterns. I adore the colours in this, they’re earthy and muted but not in any way dull. I think this is a perfect pattern for babies or kid’s clothes, and would make really cool curtains for a scandi style nursery.
Things That Live in the Sea – based on my popular limited edition print, I think this is a great design for kid’s textiles. I’m thinking lampshades, curtains, maybe even clothing.
Shrimps – my obsession with prawns (or shrimps, call them what you will) is long documented so when I started dabbling in surface pattern design there HAD to be a prawn pattern. I’d like to see this on muslin cloths for babies, maybe a sleepsuit and I’d quite like a shirt made from this!

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